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Analysis Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from a range of perspectives within the K-12 education community. If you’re a teacher, parent, student, principal, superintendent, policymaker, education researcher, professor, financial advisor, or someone deeply involved in the field of education—we love to hear from you. To familiarize yourself with what we do, we encourage you to read some of our recent analyses.

Know your audience

Submissions should be relevant to the K-12 education issues that you faced. It’s quite important to remember that you would be addressing teachers, policymakers, school administrators, researchers. So, make it clear who your target audience is.

Get to the point

Keep your analysis short and straight to the point- hit the bull's eye I stead of beating around the bush- with an ideal number of around 1000 words.

Have a specific point of view

We're not just looking for you to lay out general arguments for or against any given issue; instead, bring your own distinct perspective to the subject. Tell us how you really feel, but make sure you can back up your analysis by factual claims.

Be solution-oriented or practical

Try to move beyond just diagnosing a problem. Educational classroom practices, thoughtful policy recommendations, personal reflections on classroom experiences, all more useful to our readers.

Straight news coverage or scholarly articles

Please make sure you’re offering an analysis that would help our community in elevating educational standards.

Shameless self-promotion

Drawing on your own experiences is great, but if the essay boils down to a press release, we’re not the right publication for you. Analysis cannot be used for promotional purposes, and potential conflicts of interest alone must be disclosed.